These guiding principles are ingrained in who we are and how we do business.

Honesty. We are straight-forward and up-front about our work, the assets we bring and the costs and expectations of a project. Our actions match our words.

Creativity. We’re have a team of flexible and talented thinkers who tap deep into the parts of the brain that lead to fresh solutions. Our team is made up of clever graphic artists, experienced html/css coders, SEO technicians who get what Google needs, and customer-oriented experts who will bring your voice to the social realm.  We reach for ideas that are smart, clever, different and most importantly, effective. 

Determination. We never say never; we prefer “what if?”.  We ask a lot of questions, put our minds to the task, and dig for solutions.

Collaboration. We approach every client project as a collaboration.  We value what you know - after all, who knows your business better than you? We treat you as part of the team, and as such ask for a mutual acceptance and good manners. We believe in please and thank you.

Trustworthiness. We have made our name and built our business on being truthful, reliable and loyal. We value relationships and strive to foster good will. You can count on us, and we will always have your back.

Fun. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. We find a sense of humor makes relationships richer, our work better and the hours we spend together much more enjoyable. We see the glass as half full and that gives us a better perspective on things. It helps us be resilient when the going gets tough. We laugh a lot—we find this makes our clients happier too!

  Sharon Rowe, Principal Consultant

Sharon Rowe, Principal Consultant