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Portland, Oregon - In a city full of coffee shops, stands and trucks, it is hard to find one that stands out by delivering great coffee, a fun aesthetic and an owner with a strong following for both his coffee and his personality. Yoburi Coffee delivers on all fronts.  Yo, the owner and mobile-barista pulls and pours delicious espressos from his truck found outside the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon.

Yo has been serving coffee at PNCA for the past 12 years, having previously earned his degree in Ceramics from the school. After graduating and working various jobs, Yo decided he wanted to work for himself, so he went back to PNCA and opened up a coffee stand inside the school. He soon had a strong following of students and he loved the flexibility this new career gave him, especially having two young children.

When PNCA changed locations, Yo decided it was time to expand from his coffee stand to a full truck that he could have outside of the building. He started doing research on different truck designs, and found something online that he loved: a classic Citroen. He had no idea where to actually get the truck, however, but he kept an image of his dream truck on the computer at his coffee stand. He was showing the truck image to a student one day when the student behind him in line chimed in that he knew of a place in Portland that had something similar. Through a series of connections, Yo found a Citroen that he was able to purchase from France. It arrived in November 2013, and it took Yo until the following February to modify the interior and outfit it to be a fully-functioning coffee truck. Yo loves the unique look of the truck, and students and locals alike love hanging out at the truck, chatting with Yo as they wait for their morning cup.

So, why Yoburi?  The name of the coffee truck came from a play on words that Yo created. There is a city within Bangkok, where Yo was born and lived in until he moved to Vancouver, Washington at age 13, called Thonburi. While coming up with a name and logo for his coffee stand Yo discovered a font called Thonburi. He decided to name the stand Thonburi and use the font for his logo. His wife, however, suggested he switch to Yoburi, which would roughly translate to “Land of Yo”.

Land of Yo is the perfect way to describe the quaint, welcoming environment that Yo has curated at Yoburi Coffee. If you are looking for delicious coffee with a wonderful host, look no further that his cool Citroen truck.

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