Business owners are pulled in many directions every work day – regardless of the size of your company.  Carving out time to keep up with the demands of digital marketing, social media, industry trends, and reputation management can be a challenge.  How do you get it all done and not lose sight of your primary objective – actually running your business?

You or your staff might benefit from our Digital Marketing Tips series designed to help you stay organized and on-task with your digital & social media marketing.


1.     Small Bites.  Take a page out of the small-plate, slow eating movement.  Savor the simplicity and variety of many small bites rather than focusing all of your attention on the super-sized main course.  By doing a little bit each day, those condensed moments slowly add up to significant time spent on your marketing objectives.  Most of us can find a pocket of time each day to complete one or two micro tasks.  That’s cool … seize those moments and knock a few items off your marketing to-do-list.  By the time Friday rolls around, you will be celebrating your cumulative accomplishments! 

2.     Client/Competitor Research.  Take a look at both your customer and competitor list.  Then check out their social media platforms and be sure you have Liked/Followed them. Devise a method to keep track of your social connections so you don’t waste time repeating this exercise.  Make note of relevant #hashtags and handles in each CMS/contact record while you’re at it. 

3.     Stay Focused.   When you open up your social media platforms with every good intention of researching industry posts & tweets to share out to your business followers, it’s easy to get distracted by personal stuff.  Be diligent! Commit the first 15 minutes of your social media time to hitting your business page and getting your research done.  Using a tool like HootSuite or Buffer will help keep the distractions down and allow you to load up & schedule a week’s worth of posts in no time.  Then reward yourself and see what your friends have been up to!

Stay tuned for our next conversation installment when we cover more tips on how to curate and organize your social media content calendar for 2016!