Having ignited successful client relationships in Portland Oregon over the last 10 years, I, along with my Combustible Media team are excited to bring this same creative energy to the Denver Colorado market!

Expansion into Denver seems a natural compliment to the foundation we already have in place in Portland.  For anyone having lived in both Colorado and Oregon as I have, it is easy to appreciate the parallels of business attitudes & energy between these two states, and their respective state-of-mind. 

What has been the client takeaway in Portland, and what can Denver clients expect from working with Combustible Media?

As any other digital marketing firm loves a generous lead time to discuss, strategize, and work through multiple design iterations on any print, display, or website project, we do too.  We also love it when our clients come in hot with the seemingly impossible deadline or concept ... that really lights our fire.  We turn up the burners and crank on the solutions.  

Denver and Portland share an entrepreneurial-centric business environment.  We have helped small to mid-size businesses and start-ups brand their services, define their customers, and engage with those customers.  How? Through an array of print and digital branded collateral:  logo development, websites, business cards, brochures (yes, still important even in this digital age), and social engagement.

Setting up our base camp at Galvanize in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood positions us at the heart of the explosive growth and expansion this city has embraced.  We are excited to embrace it too.