In our last conversation, we shared our recommendations on why you should be blogging for your business.  In this installment, we will share tips on best optimization practices: how to compose a great blog post title in order for the search engines (OK, we are really talking about Google most of the time with their 65%+ market share) to find you.

A quick review of blogging basics from our last conversation:

1.     Write original content.

2.     Content should be not less than 150 words, preferably 250 words or more.

3.     Be stingy on links back to your website; this is not a link-building exercise.

Where do you start in writing and titling your blog?  Let’s dive in.

Blog/Article Title:  This is the single most important element of your blog when it comes to optimization (being found by the search engines).  What makes a good title?

1.     Hit your subject straight on with as many specifics (relevant words) as you can squeeze into 55 characters + spaces or less.  

2.     Do not be vague or overly clever – unless you have such an awesome reader following that you are in a daily/weekly/ongoing conversation with your fan base. 

We simply ask:  is anyone searching on these phrases?  Do these phrases have an relevance to your business?  Not likely!
“Spring has sprung.”
“We’re not in Kansas any more.”
“Where do we go from here?”

Often there is a clever turn-of-phrase that you would like to include in your blog post.  By all means, use it in the first sentence or paragraph of your blog post.  Just don't expend the valuable 55 characters you have available for your blog post title with a phrase that no one is ultimately searching on. 

3.     If you are writing about a quick, easy, affordable product or process, say it plainly in your title: 

Easy Steps to Fold a Shirt for Wrinkle-Free Travel
Tips for Interviewing a Realtor to Sell Your Home
Guidelines for Choosing an Affordable Cleaning Service

4.     Mimic a question that might be asked regularly by potential consumers of your product or service: 

How to Choose a Results-Oriented Public Relations Firm
What is the best coffee brewing process: Cold or Hot?
When is the best time to rotate the tires on my car?

5.     Do. Not. Keyword Stuff.  That is all.

In our next conversation, we will go into greater detail on content composition and image selection.  We hope these guidelines serve you well as you write upcoming blogs to promote your expertise and build valuable content for your business and customers.  Let us know if we can help!